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Life is in the right sport

Life Power official website introduced to you in the previous article, "Insufficient supply of nutrients and poor waste excretion will make people sick." Today I introduce you to the knowledge that life is in the right sport.
Although "life is in motion," you can't exercise too much, nor can you force yourself too much, at least to exercise properly under pressure.
Therefore, some experts suggest that the word "life is in motion" should be changed to "life is moderate exercise." American exercise physiologist Morehouse said: "The movement should be carried out in a way that follows the natural and circular planes (referring to a gentle rather than abrupt process)."
The amount of exercise is from small to large, and the movements range from simple to complex, with a comfortable and natural, step by step. For example, running, you must run slower and shorter when you start running. After a period of exercise, gradually increase the speed and distance of running. Experts from the United States have proposed a new perspective on fitness for "moderate sports." Moderate exercise is a low-intensity, low-energy exercise mode, also known as "moderate exercise," which consumes 2,000 kilocalories per week, equivalent to two to three hours of table tennis.
So, how can we master a proper amount of exercise and carry out "moderate exercise"? The currently accepted and simple criterion is that after each exercise, it is appropriate to feel no excessive fatigue.
When exercising, we can use the pulse and heart rate as an indicator of the amount of exercise. If the amount of exercise is large, the heart rate will be fast. The amount of exercise in normal adults is preferably increased to 140 times per minute; the amount of exercise for the elderly is preferably increased to 120 times per minute.
Everyone can accumulate the "moderate exercise" equivalent to half an hour every day, such as commuting by bicycle, taking a bus to get off at a stop in advance, and climbing the stairs and walking in the morning and evening without taking the elevator. Basically enough.
Life Power Massage Chair reminds you to choose a moderate "moderate exercise" method, and you must continue to develop habits. "Moderate exercise" is a continuous exercise. It is a severe test for people's will and perseverance. Only those who are persevering can Enjoy the health and happiness it brings to you. The next article will introduce you to the “fitness for the elderly to keep fit”.

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