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Waist self-massage health care

In the previous article, Life Power Dynamics official website introduced you to the “Healthy Massage Method for Waist Pain”. Today, I will introduce you to the knowledge of “the self-massage care technique for the waist”.
In daily life, patients can often massage themselves with self-massage and health care methods, which not only prevent related diseases, but also allow us to maintain a healthy body.
In the self-healing technique of the waist-eye, we know that the lumbar eye is located in the depression of 3.5 to 4 inches between the spinous processes of the fourth lumbar vertebrae. Make a fist with both hands, press the thumb and knuckle joints tightly on the waist, and press the squat 30~50 for the rotation.
The self-healing massage technique of rubbing the waist, during the massage process, we can press the waist of the palm of the hand to rub the upper and lower sides, and the action should be fast and powerful, and the heat should be warmed up.
Click on the self-healing massage technique of the spine and abdomen at the back of the back. When you are doing massage, you can use your back on your back, press the middle finger to press the abdomen, click on the spinous process of the spine (commonly known as "abacus beads"), and the rest of the fingers focus on the middle finger. To assist the point. The hands should be as far as possible on the back and on the upper part. Any acupuncture points in the hand and the acupuncture points under the spinous process should be a little bit squatted until the lower part of the Yangguan point (ie the fifth lumbar spine). When you click, the action should be coordinated, rhythmic, uniform, and transparent. Second-hand can be alternately clicked, repeated about 30 times.
The Life Power Massage Chair reminds you that if you can often do a self-massage at the waist in your daily life, you can not only prevent low back pain, but also strengthen the kidney. The next article will introduce you to the “Self-Massage Health Care Techniques II”.

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