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he effect and effect of cervical vertebrae massage

    In the previous article, Life Power Dynamics official website introduced you to "Understanding the basic knowledge of massage." Today I will introduce you to the "function and function of cervical vertebrae massage".
We already know that the massage is mainly a passive exercise method that uses both hands or other parts of the body (such as the knee) or with the help of an assistant to force the limbs in the opposite direction or in the same direction.
Due to the large range of motion during operation, the therapeutic force acts directly on the joints. Therefore, it is necessary to be stable, accurate, and skillful, and avoid pulling hard to avoid unnecessary consequences.
 During the neck rotation and massage operation, the patient takes the sitting position, and the doctor stands on the back side of the patient, so that the patient's head is slightly bent forward, the doctor's hand is placed on the back side of the patient's head, and the hand is placed on the opposite side of the patient's head. After rotating the patient's head to the maximum angle of one side, both hands are forced to pull at the same time.
When performing the neck rotation positioning massage, the patient takes the sitting position, the head is slightly flexed forward, and the hand of the healthy side is placed on the head (ie, the hand on the opposite side of the head rotation direction), and the operator stands on the back side of the patient side. Use one thumb to hold the hemiplegic spine (left-handed right-handed, right-handed right-handed left-handed), one hand holding the contralateral chin, and rotating the head to the maximum (spine spine left-handed left-handed, Right-handed right-handed rotation, both hands push the wrench at the same time.
The Life Power Massage Chair reminds you that the neck has a smooth joint and corrects the anatomic abnormalities. It can be used to treat cervical disc herniation, cervical dislocation and other diseases. The next article will introduce you to the "skills of cervical vertebrae massage".

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