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Health Knowledge

Some common sense of health sports

     In the previous article, Life Power official website introduced you to "cleaning your body's garbage through sweat through exercise." I will introduce you to the knowledge of "some common sense of healthy sports" today.
     We all know that exercise is very important to our health, but we can't do sports for health and chaos. At least we have to have a fitness plan. Planned exercise and exercise are the best means for our body to achieve health. Moreover, when making a sports plan, it must be scientifically formulated according to different situations. The kind of blindness can only be counterproductive.
     In addition, exercise should follow the three principles of exercise: scientific training, reasonable diet, and appropriate rest. Scientific diet structure, carbohydrate 55%, protein 25%, fat 20%.
     The greater the intensity of exercise or the duration of exercise lasts too long, causing a lot of sweating to be counterproductive to the health of our body.
     Juice and yogurt should be replenished in time after exercise. The theory of exercise that can't be eaten or drink after exercise is not correct. It seems so ridiculous now. If you don't add nutrients, you will only feel more and more tired after the exercise, and the friend who loses weight will only get more and more fat.
     Eating more alkaline foods after exercise will help our body recover quickly and also accelerate fat metabolism. If you are a friend who wants to lose weight by exercise, you must remember to prepare the corresponding alkaline food before exercise. Of course, this is suitable for any friend who loves sports. It is not limited to friends who want to lose weight. We also said above because Alkaline foods are good for physical recovery.

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