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Life Power massage chairs aimed to satisfy customer’s true needs

As a professional massage chair manufacturer, we have always emphasized that Life Power massage chairs can massage till ones caudal vertebra and the central section of the buttock with enhanced airbags. Many consumers dont understand the benefits of massaging caudal vertebra and the central area of the buttocks (anal), and some clients even called us for enquiry. After explaining and introducing the benefits of our massage chairs to several enthusiastic consumers on the phone, we decided to write this article to elaborate our Life Power massage chairs, clarify the effects of air massage on caudal vertebra and the middle area of the hip.

First, let’s explain from a medical point of view: the central area of the buttocks has important parts and acupuncture points such as the tail vertebra, Changqiang acupoint, and anus, which are often overlooked by the human body.

Frequent massage of the tail vertebra can significantly improve backache, acute/chronic lumbar sprain, and sciatica. However, the massage of the caudal vertebrae can’t be too strong, otherwise it will be counterproductive and cause physical damage. 

Changqiang acupoint belongs to the governor channel, and the governor channel is in charge of the human body's yang-qi, and the "changqiang acupoint" is the source point of the human body's yang-qi. Therefore, often massaging the "Changqiang Point" can promote vigorous qi and blood, and strengthen all parts and organs of the body.

The anus, as the portal to the human body, is very important. Regular massage here can promote blood circulation, regulate the sphincter, and enhance the toughness and tolerance of local tissues. Besides, it’s conducive to the prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids which is a chronic disease and can lead to poor constipation, disturbance of turbid gas and dizziness, excessive irritation, toothache and sore throat, physical pain and discomfort Wait.

After understanding all the above, it is natural to draw a conclusion that it’s critical to massage the tail vertebrae and the central area of the buttocks! ! Our company  has always been adhering to the service concept of "sending health to more people", and exclusively uses W-shaped seat airbags in the industry to provide healthcare treatment to the above-mentioned parts and acupoints. Through the use of our massage chairs, consumers can get physical treatment and improve their mood.

Different from other brands of massage chairs,  our life power massage chairs have one of the biggest features—based on practicality, we are devoting to produce the most satisfying massage chairs for consumers. Many functions and features were specially developed from consumer’s feedback and their desires.


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