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President Sony Lee was invited to participate in the (Hong Kong-Creativity-Brand) PRD Seminar


President Sony Lee was invited to participate in the (Hong Kong-Creativity-Brand) PRD Seminar
            Industry elite on-site consultation and negotiation

        Pearl River Delta Seminar with the theme of Hong Kong-Creativity-Brand held in Dongguan, Several Hong Kong heavyweight designers and more than 20 well-known design companies have come to share the experience of design and brand promotion with more than 200 Dongguan companies, this seminar has achieved unprecedented success. Our President Sony Lee, attended the seminar as a guest speaker.

The president talked: the product has achieved success, We have a lot of tears behind us.

Dongguan Daily Digital Newspaper Recorded that the president Sony Lee Talked with Designers:

Ask: In the case of limited resources, enterprises are first to make a brand or do a good job first?

Sony Lee: According to my own experience, we put most of our resources on products. Although we know the packaging of products, the brand is really important, we pay more attention to the product itself.

Ask: In practical operation, how does the designer get along with the engineer and how does the design and manufacture combine well?

Sony Lee: In fact, our products have achieved success and we have a lot of "tears" behind us.It is the cooperation of designers and engineers.Designers designed models, our engineers said to me "impossible", until now this issue is also a more difficult problem to solve. In only two cases, either engineers don't want me or I don't want engineers, so after the design of our products was completed, my team of engineers actually replaced most of them.And my little experience is that there is a lack of transition between designers and engineers. So if you use some "engineers who are not as engineers" to communicate with designers and then communicate with engineers, you may receive better results.This is my little experience.

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