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An article entitled Design Life was published in Fashion Weekly’s Guangdong-Hong Kong Express

An article entitled Design Life was published in Fashion Weekly's Guangdong-Hong Kong Express

The text describes: the model LP-6500 massage chair designed by Zhirong Ye won Red Star in 2006. When LP-6500 was designed, it was brought into an important factor-Young. At that time, most of massage chairs are with black leather or PU cover, however our LP-6500 is with a young design.

Design ideas stem from the streamline design of the space seat, and have use of stylish car colors and super bright cover. Plastic parts and armrest, as well as speakers next to the ears, are sprayed with bright paint pigments.

With the first 90-degree opening and closing activities armrest, using ergonomic principles to allow elderly or fat people easily to seat or get up. The linkage pulley type armrest design, when the backrest is lying down, the armrest and the arm are automatically moved backwards at the same time, reducing the friction between the arm and the armrest, enhancing the sense of security


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